Types of Tofu

Tofu is categorized by texture, or consistency. The texture is determined by the water content in the tofu. The more water, the softer or 'silkier' the tofu; with less water, the tofu is firmer. Tofu is categorized as silken, firm & extra-firm and Silken, the softest type of tofu, can be compared to a young white cheese. Firm tofu, the most common, has the same consistency as feta, while the texture of super-firm can be compared to that of meat.

Silken Tofu

Silken Tofu also known as Japanese-style tofu, is silky, creamy and has the highest water content. If you try to hold it, it will fall to pieces. Silken tofu looks like a very young cheese such as burrata (a kind of mozzarella) and can be used as a thick cream, fresh cream cheese or ricotta in cheesecakes, smoothies, dips or even ravioli fillings. You usually prepare dishes with silken tofu when it is wet.