About Us

Green Village Foodstuff Industry LLC is a manufacturer specialized for healthy food. Nowadays more and more people concern about healthy effect of the foods they consumed. To provide healthy foods to customers is the obligation for all the enterprises such as foods manufacturers, foods suppliers, restaurant and hotels.

Our main products

  • Tofu and its series
    Including: Fresh Tofu, Soft Tofu, Pressed Tofu, tofu Sheet, Fried tofu, Barbeque Tofu
  • Noodles
    Including: Egg Noodle, Fresh Noodle, Vegetable Noodle, Wonton Skin
  • Dimsons
    Including: Vegetable Dumpling, Chicken Dumpling, Shrimp Dumpling, Wonton, Chicken Bum, Vegetable Bum, Red Bum, Spring Roll
  • Other Products
    Potato Cake, rich Fiber Cake, Rich fiber Cookies, Moon Cake, Soy Milk

Food Safety is our first Obligations

Being a responsible company, we know very well the importance of food safety and hygiene. So we take food safety as the first important things of the management. Our company has being granted HACCP certificate. That is mean we have reached the international standard of food safety management.

Quality is our foundation

There is high level professional food making technical persons in our company. All our products are produced by scientific formulation and strict production procession. We also concentrate on the healthy effect of our products, which are without (or low level) of animal fat, low level of sugar, high level of protein and other healthy nutrition.

Production condition

In our company, there are

  • 1000square miter of working area
  • More than 40 set different production machineries
  • 120 cubic miter cold storage
  • 3 cold delivery vehicles.

With all these production equipments and conditions we are sure our products could meet the requirement of quality standards and food safety standards.